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Nicole Warren is the founder of Chance 2 Dance, INC.—a non-profit arts organization with the mission of providing inclusive and accommodating arts opportunities to individuals of all abilities, specializing in dance classes for varying exceptionalities. She is also owner of the elite-training dance company, Odyssey Dance Co., which encourages artistic self-discovery, creative  exploration, and quality technique programming. Prior to the inception of both organizations, she also designed and opened Florida’s first inclusive and accommodating dance studio in Maitland, FL. Nicole is a multi-award winning business person who is passionate about creating inclusive experiences, environments and accommodating atmospheres through her newest endeavor, Inclusive Impact Initiative (III), for which Nicole co-authored her forthcoming children’s book, Peter Pan in EverLand: An Inclusive Retelling of a Classic Tale with Andrea Piazza, III co-founder.


Peter Pan in Everland - Front Cover Imag
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