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Jason  is a director, actor, composer, designer, writer and leader with over 35 years of theatrical experience. He has produced independent theatre to great acclaim over the last 10 years in Jacksonville, FL. Dubbed a “creative conjurer,” three of his latest works include original adaptations from literature: St. George & the Dragon, Peter Pan, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Expedition!  He is also known for his solo stage performance of A Christmas Carol in which he portrays twenty-five characters; it is his signature work and is requested and booked each year for special events, benefits, and exclusive performances. He is a professional actor, having portrayed the Grinch and other commissioned works as well as commercial credits for film and television. Mr. Woods lives in Jacksonville with his wife Krystal and their King Charles Spaniel, Toby. His new book, Tinx Just Stinks & Charlie Doesn’t is a book about kindness with an anti-bullying theme.




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