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Inspired is a refreshingly simple guide to living your most inspired life by making easy-to-maintain lifestyle & mindset changes for the healthiest and happiest, most balanced YOU.


Create a limitless world for yourself. Pursue any dream. Live an extraordinary life filled with inspiration!


This book aims to teach you how to let go of control, master your mindset, and focus on you while serving others and letting go of fear in order to develop healthy daily habits for conquering your wildest dreams.


A self-professed “control freak,” Dylan Mills is delightfully witty, honest and truly inspiring as someone who has overcome a lifelong battle with debilitating anxiety and transformed her life to becoming a successful self-made entrepreneur in the best physical and mental shape of her life.


Complete your personal transformation in just 4 weeks using the accompanying Inspired Toolbook and live your most inspired life!

Inspired - 7 Steps to Your Most Inspired Life and its accompanying workbook, Inspired Toolbook - 4 Weeks to Your Most Inspired Life are now available on Amazon!



“Her body is beautiful—strong, kind and wise. All bodies are lovely no matter their size.”


Her Body Can is a book of poetic self-love and body positivity declarations for all young girls. 


Its aim is to encourage our girls to create a reality for themselves in which they love themselves and their bodies for exactly who and what they are, instead of learning to judge themselves and hate their bodies for what they are not. Our girls should know that their bodies are absolutely amazing and CAN DO incredible things—and that their worth is not measured by anything except how big they love themselves. The very first book of its kind, written for girls ages newborn to 8, this book intends to teach all young girls their bodies CAN DO ANYTHING and that what they look like is irrelevant—we are all beautiful exactly the way we are. 


The authors’ rhyming, sing-song voices deliver captivating messages that are easy for young readers to understand and absorb, while the illustrator’s whimsical, modern drawings and vibrant colors bring characters to life on and off the page.



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Not So Different is a picture book encouraging young children to embrace their differences and celebrate diversity. A fun rhythmic read, it can be used as a tool to start necessary conversations with our babies about differences in the world. Inspired by her interracial marriage and biracial children, Cyana hopes to help create a world in which children are able to engage in difficult conversations and learn from each other in a positive way. The illustrations provide clear imagery of the many ways we are different, while also recognizing the ways we are the same.


With this book, Cyana hopes to help children realize that their individual characteristics are the very things that makes them special and unique. She indents to normalize talking to our children about diversity and race in a positive way…and celebrating our unique qualities by embracing them.


and His Slim Fit Pants


Greg is endlessly JOLLY and EXCEEDINGLY cool…and one of the most popular guys in school. On the day he turns from 9 to 10 he throws a party for the ages and receives a present that changes everything—a phone that can do absolutely anything.


By the time summer ends and school rolls around, everyone in school has a phone too…and soon, the impacts creep in everywhere.


An absolute joy to read, Cool Jolly Greg is a funny, vibrant story for all school-age children about the importance of personal connection, play, and presence in the moment.

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Who Am I Really?


“It was a regular day in a regular year. Ned was out in the garden when a thought flew past his ear…”

Ned: Who am I Really? is a story for children of all ages about a young boy’s journey of self-discovery. Guided by “the thought” and his Nanny next door, Ned delightfully questions his own identity and begins to experience a much deeper awareness of his true self. Ned’s fantastical adventure inspires the natural curiosity of children and encourages them to explore the spirituality of who they really are.

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We all need a little help sometimes.

But help is hard to ask for—especially when you are a mom.


Mother Mule loves her family. Daddy Mule, Brother Mule and Baby Mule rely on her for so much. She spends her days tending to their needs and carrying their belongings in her pack, making sure to always have everything they need on-hand. Mother Mule is tired, and her load is heavy. One day, while running errands, she happens upon a glimmering pool of water that contains all the magic she needs to help lighten her load.


Mother Mule is a playful, mesmerizing story about a well-meaning mother who learns to ask for help… and all the good that comes to those we love when we open our hearts to a little magic.



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Activated Faith is a simple, guided prayer journal that takes readers on a journey through activating their faith in prayer while beginning to think and ask simple questions about themselves and their lives.


Having the willingness to show up every day to put in the work of unselfishness, patience, kindness, love, longsuffering and forgiveness is required in order to maintain all that we receive in prayer.


With simple narratives followed by suggested scripture reading and prayers for readers to use, Activated Faith is intended to help its readers grow into the women of God that He purposed us to be.


While walking in the company of a woman who has experienced many hardships in life many times over, readers can reflect on their own lives while reckoning their love for God.




A Boy and the Caterpillar Rescue is a profound and charming true story of a young boy who rescues a caterpillar from near danger and builds a secret home for him on top of the refrigerator, with the hope of watching it turn into a butterfly without his mother knowing. As he learns to take responsibility and care for his caterpillar, Lucas also learns a significant lesson about life and death and the importance of accepting outcomes we cannot change.

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