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Andrea Lynn Piazza is the owner of Inclusive Impact Therapy—one of the fastest growing private therapy practices in central Florida that seeks to serve a modern, diverse community. She is also Artistic Director for Chance 2 Dance, INC.—a non-profit arts organization with the mission of providing inclusive and accommodating arts opportunities to individuals of all abilities. Andrea is an award-winning choreographer for Florida’s first sensory-friendly dance studio. Most recently, Andrea co-founded Inclusive Impact Initiative (III)—a company dedicated to creating spaces for every Body. A dancer-turned-social-justice-advocate and devoted daughter, Andrea dedicates each day to improving the lives of others through her creativity and empathy. She is an inspirational force in her community with limitless ideas and passion for others. Andrea co-authored her forthcoming children’s book, Peter Pan in EverLand: An Inclusive Retelling of a Classic Tale with Nicole Warren, co-founder of III.


Peter Pan in Everland - Front Cover Imag
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