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Hi! I'm Krista Huber—the Publisher and Editor in Chief at East 26th Publishing—

a small publishing house in Houston, TX


I founded East 26th Publishing as a pursuit of my true passion and lifelong dream after having worked many years in publishing as a writer, editor and marketing director; and as a business executive and consultant in the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare and oil & gas industries.


I am Michigan native, Houston-transplant with a true passion for creating books. When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I decided to combine my talents in language & business to help authors realize their lifelong dreams by collaborating with them in writing, editing, designing, and publishing bestselling versions of their books for readers around the world.

I am expert editor with an eye for voice, style, "flow", and consistency. Not only am I a great editor, I have the experience and professional knowledge to understand how to design your book and publish it online in an optimal position for your highest success, all the while honoring your creative vision.   


At East 26th Publishing, my goal is to provide the resources you need to accomplish your publishing goals.

My small team gives personalized, one-on-one attention to each of my authors during the completion and publication of your book from start to finish. I always have expert advice whenever you need it.


My broad range of services from concept to completion offer you the exclusive ability to have an idea, write a book, polish and publish it while retaining all of your editorial control, liscensing rights and royalties.


I am a lifelong reader, writer, learner and entrepreneur. I graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Master of Business Administration...and continue my education with the world every day. One of my most favorite things in life is learning.  I currently live in a cozy home in Houston, TX with my husband and babies (fur & human).  My other passions include my family, books of any kind, long walks, a good cup of coffee, photography and listening to people telling their stories.

I'd love to hear your story! If you are interested in working with me, please contact me to find out how I can help turn your vision into a reality. 


This publishing company is my lifelong dream 30 years in the making. I can't imagine doing anything else and am certain I was absolutely born to do this! Above all, I truly love being part of your journey as an author and am so grateful to be able to share in your artistic vision. My experience, expertise, unique skill set and passion make me the BEST editor and publisher for your book!


 My 12+ years of experience, keen awareness, professional knowledge, and talent allow me to give you expert guidance for  accomplishing all your publishing goals. I believe in aesthetics and the quality of my output over quantity, so I work with you one-on-one and spend time to make sure everything is done right. I always stay up-to-date on current resources and trends so I can best position you for success.



I am a small company and, as such, am able to give you one-on-one strategy and support uniquely customized to your individual project, whenever you need it. My services span every aspect of book publishing so I can serve your every need as an author. Whether you need support in writing, editing, designing, publishing or marketing your book - I can do it all! I will always spend the time it takes to make sure your book gets done right.


My #1 goal is to support you in accomplishing your goals by providing you with publishing services that best suit your needs. I can help you create the best possible version of your book...and I know exactly how to position it for optimal success. Your artistic vision is the most important component of your book and I want to help bring that vision to life. I am only satisfied once you are happy with the final outcome of your project. 

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